MY STORY - how I started and why


This post story is to all of you who answer YES to ANY of the above.


It will be very personal and very long..but I would like to share my story with all of you …to show you how negative situations which happening to you ..always happen for a reason and they good, and when you look back you will see positive aspects of them, but also how to achieve things you want in life.




So if you interested in a bit of a read of my story how did I started and what I went through to get where I am and how you can do it too, here is the story:


In school…I was bullied…I was an outsider and even tho it was hard I didn’t pretend to be anyone else for the sake of people to like me. Wearing glasses, being the smallest in the class, wearing baggy clothes, roller skating…not easy life at home either.


At age of 19 I had a CAR accident, just before I started my studies in Poland, which was very hard experience, I crashed my ex’s car. Been shouted at by my dad at the hospital, when I was still scared and in shock. Awful times. After 1st year of studies, which I have not completed as failed exam, I went to Jersey to work to pay back for the car. My cousin helped me out and got me a job, sort out my work permit (thank you P.), and there I was, left Poland to Jersey, for 2 months, and never went back. And never regret it.

Even tho I was learning English for 12 years I could not speak any!


It was hard times, working 70 hours per week, in 40 degrees over the summer in a restaurant, barely could pay the bills during the winter as the restaurant was too quiet. Difficult working and smiling to clients, when you hurt, as finding out your partner back home is cheating on you. But as they say…, “what doesn’t kills you…makes you stronger”. I have learned about myself a lot, I changed job to a pub, where I worked with polish and Scottish and English people, moved to new place, which helped me to improved my English and so my general situation has started to improve too.

I was able to do what I love the most – travel and play volleyball.

I tried my luck and applied for Australian VISA and I GOT it within 5 days!  So I knew I had 4 months to save up and go. Back in Poland, a dream of going to Australia in age of 22 was more like a “trip to the moon”. I left Jersey after about 18 months, and went back to Poland to spent Christmas with my family.

At home I also never had good relation with my father, we both are stubborn, and always had problem with communication, which is now improving and I am really glad about.

But back at that time it was not so easy.


After one month in Poland, parting hard (yes I was a party animal at that time) I left to other side of the globe, totally ill with 40 degrees temperature, cold and feeling crap, flying for 30h, but I have been on a way to a lifetime trip for 3 months, with a will to stay there if it will be possible.

A friend of mine – Greg, helped out and stayed with him and his family for a week, and then he helped me find a new place for the rest of my stay, with amazing 2 polish girls (love you sisters xx 🙂 )

After exploring Sydney for 2-3 weeks, I decided I need to see more and learn new life lessons and see the wild world out there, so I have booked a deal – flight to Cairns (North Australia) and HOP ON HOP OF BUS valid for 3 months, to back from Cairns to Sydney.

I have been travelling with a backpack, by myself, at age of 22, with still not great English, and not a great amount of money. I have visited Cape Tribulation, walked through rain forest, did SCUBA DIVING, which could have ended my life, as I came up from 10m in the ocean, up without stopping! Instructor didn’t do a great job not explaining the procedure or maybe it was my poor English but I survived! After that experience I felt really scared, so I said to myself that I have to try again. Which I did!

Next stop was Airlie Beach, where I got to try scuba diving again, but this time I did told the instructor about my first experience, which resulted him not living me for a minute! After 3 days I decided to go to next town, so I have packed again, and was waiting at the beach, to jump on the bus in the evening. Although, I have met 2 German guys at the beach who just arrived, and said they going sailing the next day, so thanks to the beauty of freedom travelling by myself, I changed my plans and decided to go sailing as well. Never felt more alive than then!

After 4 days sailing around Whitsunday Islands, I came back to Airlie Beach, and got surprised that I had ..NO MONEY LEFT to withdrawn! So with $5 in my wallet, I had no other choice than end my trip and go back to Sydney and survive 32h on a bus,

I was hungry, exhausted and gutted!

When I came back, my lovely flatmates helped me out, gave me the money I have left them for the rent and I eventually found a job in one of the restaurants, but lost it! after one day! Then I got a job in Japanese restaurant, with poor pay, but it did let me live on it and enjoy OZ life bit longer.

Only could have that job for 2 weeks so I decided to shorten my stay in OZ and I have changed my flight and go home a month earlier. Gutted.

On a day when I meant to hop on the shuttle bus to catch my return flight, the girls I lived with, said

” such a shame you need to go back if you still have 1 month of visa left, maybe you should stay, we will help out” 🙂 And so they did!  So 3h before the flight, instead of going to airport, I was on a way back to the city, to change my flight again!

I got a job as a house keeper with a ..Polish Lady who was expecting baby, so needed help around the house.

(When there is a will there is always a way!)

Funny enough on the last month of stay, I have found out that I have a cousin there, which was amazing to meet her 🙂

I had amazing time, and experience of a lifetime.

This was a better school of life than any university could have give me.


After 3 months I went back to Poland, and didn’t know what to do with myself. A very good friend of mine – Mario, picked me up from the airport, as I had no money even to go home, and allowed me to stay at his place, as I just couldn’t imagine living with parents anymore, specially when I didn’t had a great contact with my dad.

After a month, I decided to go back to Jersey, where I really didn’t wanted to go back at that time, after coming back from OZ, but didn’t had much choice.


With tears in my eyes and another leaving party, saying goodbye to my friends, I left and went back to Jersey to my old job.

I put myself together, I decided I need to improve my life and get a decent job. So after few months working in a pub, I got a new job as a supervisor in a Jersey art cafe and a new place to live in town. Really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. I had fantastic people to work with and a great boss.

Having only night shifts till midnight, did make me tired after 6 months, so I decided it is time to improve again.

I got another new job, as a ASSISTANT MANAGER in a pub, which eventually ended being a MANAGER. These jobs did allowed me to do the hobbies I loved.I was playing indoor and outdoor volleyball, and I got the OPPORTUNITY to represent Jersey on the Island Games in Rhodes in 2007!

What an experience that was! Met so many fantastic people from all around the world and we a friends till today. Stayed in 5 star hotel with 3 pools, amazing food. Great sport events.

Not everything tho went well, as during our last game with my partner (thank you again for playing with me A.) I got a shoulder injury. So bad one that for 8 years after, I was either playing with a pain on 3 strong painkillers, or was forced not to play as I just couldn’t move my arm up. I was doing everything to get it fixed, seen probably 5 or 6 different physio-therapists. Had many x-rays, which didn’t show anything. I even went to Poland to see a shoulder specialist, who unfortunately also said, that he can’t find a problem, and said that I should stop playing otherwise it might get worst and it will become a problem in a daily life.

I was devastated as playing volleyball was love of my life.

I gave up playing for about 2 years but I DID NOT GAVE UP!1

During summer 2006, I have met someone, who motivated me and I have decided to move to Cardiff for him and apply to university. It took me a year to save up some money, and go through the application process, which wasn’t easy.

I was so chuffed when I got accepted on an INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE course!, I was proud of myself as well.

I had to go to London to pass IELTS (Enslish) exam to get accepted to UNI. There was many ups and downs, but I got there in the end.


So after summer 2007 there I was, moving to Cardiff and starting studies, which I never though I will get accepted on, specially that when I was leaving Poland, I barely could speak any English and nearly failed my English exam in end of high school.

Beginning was tough! I only understood 1/3 of lectures.

After a while and just keep moving forward through frustrations of not understanding and still necessity of writing many essays in English, surprisingly I had started to understand more and more, and getting A & B from assignments. Although I did struggle with other subjects with abstract thinking due to my strengths in technical thinking. So it was “suggested” to me to better change the course after completing 2 years of Interior Architecture and move to more technical ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY. So the studies began again! ..for the 3rd time in my life. I have also been trying to get some work experience during summer time and get a decent job when I finish the degree, so I have been applying for 3 years! and sending about 70 letters with CV and covering letters to companies in Cardiff and around, even offering voluntary works, just for the sake of getting some experience. I was constantly been getting rejected!

But..I haven’t GAVE UP! I eventually got a 6 weeks work experience with an architect in…Jersey!

Whats even more crazy, was the fact that I have met him, while hitchhiking to the very first restaurant I was working in when I moved to Jersey.  While working for him, I have met his friend, who turned out to be working in Cardiff as an engineer for global engineering company. So after few weeks of work experience I went back to Cardiff for some holidays, then went back to Jersey for additional 3 weeks, after which I went to start my 2nd year of my course. First thing I did when I came back to Wales, I have asked my new contact who worked for ARUP, if he could help me out to get some work experience in Cardiff.

You don’s ask you don’t get!

So I have asked and got…4 weeks work experience in ARUP after my 2nd year! Which resulted in having it extended for the full summer, followed with offer to work casual hours during my final year. While going through my final year, working for ARUP, which sometimes I had no hours one week, and 40h occasionally the other week, I also needed another job to support myself and pay the bills, as the grants and loans were not enough, I also have been working as a support worker for Cardiff University, which also didn’t guaranteed any hours, so I got another job as a payout administrator with a massive well known financial company.

I ended up not having time to study!

I had to gave up something as not only I would have failed my studies but I was so exhausted that I felt faint.

Bearing in mind that I need work experience to get a decent job after completing a degree, and not particularly enjoying work as a administrator, I decided to take a RISK and stay with ARUP and work as a support worker 1 day a week. HARD WORK PAYS OFF! Even tho I had to do my final for a year longer (got extended to finish off my final project), I had nearly 1.5 year of work experience with a global engineering company. Which resulted in permanent position after I eventually got my degree!

After another 1.5 year working for ARUP as a drafting person/CAD technician I have decided I need to get a job more in my field and keep progressing. Success! I managed to get a brilliant job with also very well established architectural company.

I got thrown straight into massive project the new ice rink – yes that one 🙂 ) I have learned a lot, but..something was not right.

I have realised that this is not what I love! After all those years or studies and hard work I have realised I was bored sitting behind the desk and I just did not fit into 9-5 job. My contract has ended. And I was job less. No money and nothing lined up. I have started looking for new job immediately and I got interviews lined up within 3 days. I got an offer, which I have accepted. Although after couple of days I found out they have decided to take someone else! I got panicked a bit!  But thanks to my brilliant recruitment agent, I got another job lined up within few days.


2 weeks before,  I have met an investor from London, at the property networking meeting, who after a bit of a chat with me, offered me to work together and build a business, which he had in mind for a while, which was the property sourcing.

That was where I have stepped out of my comfort zone and made a decision to be self employed and go with the flow.

4 days before starting new job, I have rang my agent, and told him about my decision and apologised for messing them up.

So since march I am my own boss, i do not have to stick to any hours, do 9-5. There is always a bit of stress of not having income. There is never a guarantee how good will be the next week or month. But it is 6 months down the line, and I do what I love, I have the freedom. There are ups and downs, there always will be, I am falling but I am keep getting up! I have new goals and dreams and I will be pushing myself until I achieve them.

I know what I want. I know it wont be easy! But I know it will be worth it. I don’t want to settle for average. I don’t want to work for someones dreams. It is only when we step out of our comfort zone is where the magic is happening.

What I forgot to mentioned as well, while I was finishing my final year, while working for ARUP, I also managed to find someone who helped me with my shoulder, though meeting very nice and very good, recommended to me, chiropractor, I got contact with a very good doctor from privet hospital, got steroid injections to my shoulder which didn’t help, so he then helped me to get an appointment with the best shoulder specialist, who does operate rugby players. That ended up with having a shoulder operation back 2 years ago, which got me 6 weeks off work, and forced me to rest and enabled me to work on my final project.

But hey! i Had 6 weeks off! rested properly, read and watched many movies 🙂 and I got sneaky little holiday in Barcelona:)

2 years after and unsuccessful physio, I thought I won’t be able to play volleyball again. So all that hassle for nothing I though.

I found myself a new passion which is crossfit.

Surprisingly, even tho I had shoulder pain few times, after 6 months of training, my shoulder has improved and first time in 8 years I had no pain and I am one happy lady! 🙂

To top it up I also had appendixes operation last year as well.

Which could have ended badly, but my intuition haven’t failed and I got myself an ambulance and ended in hospital, and luckily on time, they kept in and had op schedule for next morning as was too big waiting list. Got 2 weeks of work and then went to Poland for holidays.


The idea of having my own business and being my own boss started 2.5 years ago. I know I did love to travel and I was wondering how other do it constantly and how they manage financially. So while studying and working,  have also started reading about DIGITAL NOMADS (people who constantly travel and run their own businesses online to be able to support themselves) and that’s how my business journey has began.


My first business startup workshop I have attended after completing my degree in 2013. I took a week off from work in ARUP, to “rest” as I was totally drained and exhausted of working full time hours during the day till 5.30, and working on my final project from 6pm till 2 3 4 5 even 6am!

I have spent my week off on attending a business startup course with Entrepreneur Office at Cardiff MET, learning about different aspects of the running a business. I had no idea what business idea to go with. And the more I have learned I knew I don’t know anything. I have been attending any possible business networking, business workshops, by Business in Focus, POGO digital, Zookit networking, Best of, I AM WOMAN business club, WAVE workshops, WIC (Woman in Contruction), WIP (Woman in Property) and many many more. I have started reading books about business, which also have lead to finding out that its not just the knowledge about running a business I need, it is also the mindset, and health. All of those need to be in balance in order to work properly. That was where my personal development really started. Best book I have read which has changed my way of thinking about being employed, was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, I have started saying “yes” to every opportunity.

I have been introduced to HERBALIFE by my friend Marta, and after the business opportunity meeting I have decided, I will give it ago.

I have signed up, I have started learning about healthy active lifestyle, nutrition, changing bad eating habits, importance of regular exercise, Herbalife products. I have attended RTDs regional training days, met many fantastic and inspiring people, like David Older, I has started learning about marketing and more.

That experience and business opportunity has changed my life.

I have improved my lifestyle, my eating habits, and I have more energy, and feeling great. I have improved my body shape, and I love to teach others how to do it and helping them out achieving their goals. and HERBALIFE business became my lifestyle.

Then I have started attending property investing course with TIGRENT, introduction to property investing and business with Kevin Green, where gues speaker was Simon Coulson and Andy Harrington. Where I also met Mike Woods​, one of Kevin’s coaches. I have then attended Mikes’s masteclasses about property investing and refurbishments, read his fantastic book (“How to successfully invest in property” – must read), I have attended a entrepreneur conference in London, run by KPI ( Key Person of Influence​) and even paid over £100 to get a vip ticket to network with people at a higher level. Not expecting to attend a follow up meeting 3 days later with Daniel Priestley him self, who is an author and successful business developer.

I then got an offer to get a book of Andy Harrington​ – “How to turn your passion into profit”, which I am currently reading as well, which when it arrived, it came with 2 tickets for Andy’s events, which I have also attended – POWER TO ACHIEVE (changed my life – as it helped me to make a decision and not take the job and became self employed) and STAND AND DELIVER!

Through all those workshops and events, I have developed myself and worked on my mindset, met fantastic people and got many many great contacts. I have been attending PIN (property investing network) meetings, where I also met a lot of people.



When started working with investor from London, I have been promoting the business during PIN meetings in Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, and couple of London’s PINs, which again expanded my contacts network. I have attended and promote that business at the stands during Property Investor Shows and Master Investor show. I have met Simon Zutshi in person.

After attending so many events and workshops, I was start having a good idea of what I want to do, and I compared the courses I have attended, which I have start promoting as well, which turned to be my accidental PR/marketing business as I say 🙂

And I only do recommend courses and people who I truly believe in, who have fantastic values and really do help people to progress, such as Mike Woods, Andy Harrington, and also now Francis Dolley​, they all experts in different areas.

I have met Francis when attending Mike Woods: The Property Expert​ event in London recently, where I was invited, and I was over the moon when Francis make me an offer on his event, which obviously I have accepted and recently attended his great course RENT 2 RENT, and AGENT DAY, which work well together, and I definitelly recommend to anyone who would like to start their property journey and have no money yet to buy a house to rent or buy refurbish and sell. Once you do and you would like to take your journey further, Mike is your man to learn with. But for running any business and be your own boss and manage to go through the tough times, through the struggles, and there are many I promice! you really need to work on your mind at the same time, thats where Andy Harrington Power to ACHIEVE event is ideal. Having that in mind any event of Kevin Green Wealth​ Simon Coulson and many others will inspire you and prepare you to raise each time you fall.

Some people would ask me, how many properties do I have, how much money do I have?

How important is it? and for whom?


It is my goal to be financially free, I do have a goal to posses a yacht…a house on a coast, a nice car and be able to help others get to what they want too, I don’t have it yet, but I will, and I don’t mind the doubters, people who laugh, they make me stronger!

Same as the kids in school who bullied me. I am grateful for every nasty word and situation which has happen, as they build my character and who I am today. I am on my journey which constantly evaluate. And I enjoy the journey as the journey is the destination..I love what I do and I would like to help others to find their path and encourage them to take control of their life.

That is how I have come to conclusion that my business needs to combine all my passions, believes and values, skills and contacts and the knowledge. Thats how my INCREES business was born.

Combining all my passions and each area I would like to help others to increas, mindset, wellness through properties, business and more to come.

30/09/2016 Friday

Great news from my agent from HAYS today…who look for a job for me and it ended with me landing a contract for my own company! On conditions I always wanted! Doing work I always wanted to do…but never was able to name the position i should go for ..

Now I have a
– dream man on my side!
– dream job/business to Run

Opportunity to start a next venture with great business partner…

So much more to come!

Destination…is the journey!
And I learn it to enjoy it!

I want to thanks all my mentors…all those who helped me so far …to go through my struggles…and all those who were difficult to me…and gave me invaluable lessons and make me stronger!


My journey begun with car accident in Poland in 2002 and going to Jersey in 2003 with no English. Spending There nearly 4.5 years traveling a bit…Australia Lanzarote Rhodes then moved to Cardiff in 2007…where i studied and travel…to Portugal…Malta…Tenerfiffe..Spain..Germany.. Amsterdam ..Dominican Republic…6 years of studying…working for 3 years in great global Engineering company as a 2D/3D CAD monkey…reaching my potential…then moving to Architectural Office where i was dissapointed to do yet another CAD monkey job…regardless the technician position…as much as enjoying 3D modeling…i could never settle for challengeless job…
Took my chance …and started work for myself…with a property developer..for nearly a year..learning from life experience about property investing…refurbishments…property surveying ..and more…although i ended up …not having money for the bills by the end of the year…
And I was forced to take any job…such as leafleting…even in the rain…and working as a bouncer…i hold on to my vision…i got yet another job in architectural office…where i though I will get more experience As a technician …and be able to spread my wings…and ended up doing yet another CAD monkey job…but this is what that stage of my life has require me to do…in order to survive and keep pushing towards my goals..

Finally after 2 months of pushing my business since I finish my job in architectural office …and 3.5 years since I had a dream of beying my own boss and set my self a goal to have my own business and work for myself…
After many many …workshops…events…for business startups and entrepreneurs…hours spent on learning…personal development…extra courses…and many sacrifices of my personal and social life…
Many tears and struggles…hard work…and so much money invested in myself…my vision…still remembering not to be too hard for myself and let myself Enjoy life now and then…living on debts…taking risks…living life like many wouldn’t ever wanted to suffer…in order to achieve their goals…
Im pleased to say it was worth it! Patience paid off!
And thats just the beginning and still long way to financial freedom…to the dream life I have a vision of!
I know it won’t get easier…i know its still a long way! But i know it will be worth it!
No one ever got rich in a 9-5 job!

If you want something…never give up!
Never settle for anything less than you dream off! Go through the struggle!
When its hard…keep pushing! Keep working on your mindset! When its hard…be sure and believe …that eventually you will See the light…and something amazing is coming!

and the story CONTINUES!…