Whats does your dream life look like?

What if I can show you the way to make it a reality?


I am normal polish girl, who after car accident moved to uk to pay for the car. Lived in jersey for 4.5 years. Then moved to Wales to study. Worked in Jersey as waitress, as  well as during studies and than as architectural technician in Cardiff. I didn’t like it the moment I finished the studies.

I decided to start my own business, to be able to work independently and be my own boss, but I had no idea where or how to start. So I have started by joining an MLM company and start my own business …as well as attending various entrepreneurship workshop, attending many events and investing in several courses. I have invested a lot in property investing courses, personal development events and many online courses to learn basic knowledge. I haven’t focused on anything in particular as I still wasn’t sure what I’d like to do, and was quickly running out of money. After few months I had to go back to regular job.

I was struggling mentally in my profession so decided to change career to sales ????????‍♀️ and become a kitchen designer. Which I’m still progressing with, as I fall far behind in previous businesses, however I’m now focused on specific 2 affiliate marketing platforms which I really love. I ditched all other businesses after couple of bad investments  and I found something to stick to and that I enjoy 🙂

Which I can now recommend with a confidence, that anyone can and will make it work, if they will be patient enough.


My passion for travelling started at the age of 17. I never had a lack of anything basics in my childhood, but certainly my youth was not the easiest times of biggest adventures nor feeling  that I am living life fully like other people. However that first abroad holidays to Spain to Costa Brava had a lifetime impact on me. I have decided back then, that I would lik to have a Spanish boyfriend and live in Spain. I absolutely fell in love with travelling and learning about new cultures. And to be fair, even tho I did meet various partners on the way, and I tried to “make it work” it just didn’t seemed right. 

I knew I was giving up on something, or would gave to sacrifice a lot. So as much as I wanted and tried, life found its own way to give me the experiences I needed, but to lead me to I really wanted. The moment I am writing this piece I am 35 and set to move to Spain in 2 years with my spanish partner.

At the age of 16-17 when I was in my first serious relationship, my that time partner, was about to set off for a trip of a lifetime to Australia. When he came back 12 months after, and showed me the photos of beautiful crystal clear water and kangaroos, I knew I had new dreams, which I never thought would be even possible to have. Funny enough, having an accident in a car of that same parter, ended up with me moving to Jersey to pay back for the car damage, him showing his true side and feelings, and me having an opportunity to create my own new life. And here I am at the moment in Wales in UK, with amazing Spanish partner and soul mate, who I am planning to move to Spain with in about 2 years time building my own online business, supporting and inspiring others.


I have been working online since March 2017.

When moving to Wales in 2007 to start my architectural studies, planning life with my (that time) partner, I certainly didn’t expect the relationship, which brought me into Wales in first place, to end and start a new exciting journey. 

After completing 2 years of interior architecture, I got “suggested” to change the degree, or I will be “failed”!

Well what would you do?

Quit? I mange to sort out an extension that would allow me to finish that degree after starting and completing a brand new one. However, at the last few months of my final year, I realise it is not what I see me doing till end of my days. GO figure!

So as soon as I graduated, normal person would take a time off to relax and rest, but not me. I went for a 5 day entrepreneurship event in my uni. 

I have enjoyed it and learned a lot. I knew this is something I will want to pursuit to do long term. I couldn’t really decide what it would be. I have joined some MLMs and run my own property services business, which after some loses and a burn out I decided to ditch and focus on the original idea.

So I started to learn about making money online in March 2017, by reading, researching and testing a few free online business trials. To make a bigger step and invest in amazing opportunity in August 2017, so as I thought!

I have established great connections with people who were living lifestyle, that I’d like to be living. However, I didn’t really get into nitty gritty part of it, of how did they achieve it. And once I joined, the reality hit me!

I don’t like the idea of fake it until you make it! I wanted to be real. I didn’t want to show something I am not doing for the sake of selling, well thats how I understood it anyway! So I kinda was left on my own, with course I paid a lot of money for, that taught me only theory. I kinda got wonder off it a bit, I am not gonna lie. However that has lead me to meet amazing people, from the same company, who have taught me how it actually works, and how to set it up, and I started generated payments on autopilot ! 

You have no idea! The feeling I had and the excitement that was going though my head and heart. I loved what I have learned, the group and community I was part off and the product I was sharing with others. And that was has make me realise what is important and how online business works.

Since then the owner has change the name of the course, and launched new business model which no longer has resonated with me. I had no other option than search for another option. So I have joined another 2 platforms, which I have found resonating with me and my values, as well as content that I think would be representing what I would like to teach others when starting an online business . That is how I started in an online space and since then never looked back.


With 6 years of experience from running my own various businesses, including multi level marketing, as well as brick and mortar property services business, and 2 years of running an online business, I have gather knowledge from different areas of running a business, as well as learned to recognise effective and non-effective business models. 

From year of attending various and several entrepreneurial workshops, business and personal development events, I have learned what in business is important, what works and what doesn’t work from many business owners.

From property world to several business start ups, and growing young businesses, I have learned how to develop ideas, what to focus on and what to ditch,  how to develop branding and marketing, I learned about running costs of different businesses, accounting, business structures, how to build a customer profile, in order to make an effective offers, as well as what mistakes to avoid. Being coached and mentored by many, I recognised what it takes to be a good mentor, as well as learned, how easy it is to loose credibility, when you don’t provide what you were set up to do.

I am passionate about helping others, who are determined to live their dream lifestyle, achieve their goals, in a very clear and structured way, with a focus on development of mindset and skillset of my mentees.

I believe that your own success is measured and determined by the number of people that will achieve their goals and dreams.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

It should be what you want it to be. It is a guidance, a road map and a support.

It is the help you need to brainstorm ideas and ask question, to avoid some costly mistakes. It might not give you all the answers, and sometimes answers which you may not like. Coaching will give you different point of view and sometimes a necessary push to get something done and keep moving forward if you allow it.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

If you someone relatively a completely brand new in business, and you don’t know where to start, or how to start and have million questions in your head, and you are not sure who to ask them about, knowing you are going to get an honest and helpful answer, as well as give your thoughts and action steps some structure, the coaching is for you.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

Actually not at all. I would like to help those people who were like me when I was starting. Super excited, but all over the place! With lack of focus, overwhelmed and with lack of direction or someone to guide. I want to see more people succeed, and I believe that those who are starting off or are relatively new, have a great hunger and potential. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes of course. As long as it is needed. Any of my students can always get in touch, and I will try to help.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Not at the moment, but I might include that in future plans.