4 years ago…I had a dream!

My dream was to travel full time and earn money from the laptop. A friend of mine told me to read about the digital nomads. I had million of questions after reading some blogs and articles, about starting a business, and all it’s aspects. So after attending tons of business startup events, personal developement workshops, seminars and events and reading many many books, I have started a business, but..offline, while also trying to success in 4 MLM businesses.

3 years down the line and few thousands in debt! Burning out few times and ending up with an anexiety, I decided to get back to original idea and learn how to make money online.

I have been reading online, trying courses, tools, many platforms and…many business models.

I also started talking to people who I have been “seeing” on social media, that were getting some results. Not exactly the results I wanted but, but I thought everyone starts somewhere and it takes time, so as everything else, so I though there is no harm trying what they are doing.

I have a friend who did a drop shipping (what is drop shipping, I’ll explain in another post), and I have tried to understand how that works.

I have tried ‘Wealthy Affiliate’, which is another platform to learn about affiliate marketing.

I have researched ‘Clickbanks’, and tried to find, some product to promote, and also plenty of  of other methods to learn how to earn online.

I have read about blogging, creating and selling your own products and e-books, courses.

You can google methods of earning online and you will find hundreds of websites and possibilities.

And I think there is no good or bad way, it is finding the one you will enjoy doing, according to the time you are willing to spend. But please keep in mind, there is no magic article that you will read and start making money online. If you see one, run away! Normally they either don’t work, or you will spend a lot of time going through videos or reading text, that will eventually ask you to put your credit card details, after you all excited to get that magic formula.

So what is that you need to have a laptop lifestyle?

You need a good product to sell and make the sales on automation, to not be working like a donkey. Sounds simple huh? That’s what I thought so too…before I started. And couple of other things, and here they are:


You need a mindset (which you have already…or maybe think that you have….even successful people are always working on it!), I will write about mindset in another post.

There are few crucial and very general things you need to have a business and be your own BOSS, and …let’s be honest, this is not for everyone. You need a big dream and determination to work on it consistently, and persistently, sometimes long hours, sometimes give up hanging out with your friends, sometimes even loose some. You may think right now, “how come?, I don’t want to loose my friends”, well this will start making sense after you start reading about mindset. Don’t worry, you don’t need to lock yourself out, you will feel like it is “natural selection”, and actually it will do you good, as you will be “left” with the real friends.


Set up a business as the right entity and get your accounting setup (fundamentals), understand what you need it for and how are you going to run it and what actions and data you need to record from the beginning. In order to be able to do it, you need to understand, what would you like to achieve and do with your business, and there is no better way to understand than do a little bit or research and reading, and it will all make sense.


You need a professionally looking product, either your own or someone else’s, and that takes lot of time to build or find! Trust me! And something what people are going to buy.

In my opinion you can not sell, what you personally don’t use, but generally, you should know inside out what you are selling, either of your own or someone else. Do some research, get to know it, if possible then order it for yourself. Write a review, get there to comment on it and get testimonials.

How to sell it is yet anther broad product, are you going to handle the shipping yourself, or will you outsource it? You have to think how are you going to arrange payments. You have to assure your customer, that their data is safe with your, that the payment is save. You should think of how are you going to respond to complains or return, or general customer services.


No matter how good your business name is and how good your mission statement is, how good you are and how good is your product or service, you won’t earn a penny or a cent! If you don’t know how to sell it!

To create your own product, which someone want to buy, you need to put a bit of money into professional looking videos or book or production …and a lot of time…unless you find a product which you can re-sell, which will pay you a good commission. Either way you still need to know how to sell it online.


Earning from a blog requires a good website, good content, good theme (layout), constant maintenance, hosting (where you website is being run from), domain (name of your website), and TRAFFIC! (people who visit your site) To get traffic it takes a while, and you can drive it from different channels, and still create a good content for that channels in order to attract people. But each channel is different.

You should also know how to measure what you do. Which post is good and gives you more likes and comments (engagwment) and at what time it is performing the best. You have to know, where from, and which platform, which post, is generating the most traffic (engagement/likes/comments/clicks). When writing a blog you have to know how to use keywords when writing. How to do images and photos that will get most engagement. And for engagement with this post you need to give something for free. Then obviously to do all that you need to learn how to build a website, how to do landing page (page where people “land” for example, after clinking on a link on one of your posts) and put their email or other contact details so you can send them more information) and a funnels (which is basically form of pages and emails which are attracting people to go to buy your product or service), for that you need email marketing, also good content for it.


To get best results you need to be active on social media and that’s is very difficult if you doing everything manually. Every post and if you have many accounts. You need to set up autoresponder and followliker etc. You can learn it all by yourself…but still gotta pay for tools. And on average to learn that all by yourself it takes about 4-5years. As obviously when you look for the information how to learn it …you pay $20 there $50 there for tools and courses…and bare in mind …you don’t sell until you have this all build…and it’s not easy…without someone to answer questions any time of a day…or start the engagement, or simply support you when you have tough day and you feel like you want to quit.

I have also tried digital marketing training by it self…if you like…have a look at Digital Cascade and Campaign Builder Pro. They have some great training for email marketing, social media and online marketing. But personally I prefer to learn from a mentor and have a support 24/7 ???? But I use different tools, and will keep learning from either Digital Cascade or Campaign Builder Pro and many others.If you look at RESOURCES tab, you will find what tools or books or courses I have been doing and recommending.


Remember that you want to make money online and for that you need to give someone a good value product or service. If you don’t, people won’t pay. So be prepared that nothing is free. If you want to learn something from an expert, pay them for it, so as others will pay you in exchange of good value service or product you will sell. Laptop lifestyle is amazing, but as any other business it requires mindset, time and effort!

Stop, and think for a moment, do you want to belong to the 3% of people who owning 97% of the money? Then go and do the hard work, which 97% of people can’t be bothered to do! ????

Enjoy the read and if you like to know more join me on Facebook.

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