Right at the beginning of the journey, there are a lot of technical challenges.

I was always pretty “geeky”, but yet still it seemed to me like I know nothing.

What fonts to use, what theme for WordPress to pick, what plugins, how to

amend the graphics, why certain things do not show?!

Constantly frustrated!! Im reading guides and watching videos, and trying things out.

What social media, what software for photo editing to use, how to edit videos,

as I am very picking when it comes to graphics, it is yet another challenge.

But I have to say I never been so determined!

I have reviewed most of my old photos from Australia, and I felt the urge to go back!

To travel agin! to have that feeling! the world is so beautiful…

So if you feeling stuck, don’t just settle for mediocre, don’t suffer and do anything you can to get that freedom.