Last Wednesday on the 9th of August I have joined a digital marketing training platform, that I have planning to join since April, but I had no funds, or I didn’t have a job, or both at the same time. I also have been sceptical if it is not yet another SCAM platform. When I have joined in April I though all I have to pay is the monthly $37/month and that will be it.

How wrong was I…what it turn out to be, that I simply didn’t fully understand how it all works and what I am paying for. So after months of job hunting and changing and finally having a little bit stability, I have rearrange my goals, and decided that getting my British passport can wait, as if I am going to wait to save money from my job, then save to buy a new laptop, and then to join DA, it will be at least another 6 months.

So after 3 weeks in new job, I have decided to invest my last bit of money from the business credit card, and start. That has change completely my mindset and allowed me to understand what I am paying for and the difference between joining a $49 platform for affiliate marketing and high tier digital marketing platform.

The support is enormous. Focusing first on the mindset, which every business owner/entrepreneur needs, understanding how money works and then getting into the details about business setup, and all that tons of ichy questions: “how do I start a business”?, “how do I pay taxes?” “how how how…?”. It is all explained in nicely step by step structure on a training platform, with all kind of support.

I thought before that the businesses I was involved in and the one I was running they were good and that I was passionate, but I have to admit that I was never able to focus on one thing, and to little steps to progress each day. None of them make me think about my goals and vision before going to bed and when waking up. The new venture certainly does. Since I started I have spent everyday reading couple pages of my books, either about click funnels, or the mindset books, I have also been doing 1-2 steps from the training platform, and all the assignments required and speaking to my coach on skype, who did by the way make his millions, so it is fair to say that this is the kind of person I need to be listening and learning from. Someone who already accomplished what I am going to accomplish.

Last night I have completed my first part of a training! All 18 steps. I understand how the business works and understand where am I going and how to get there.

Tonight I will be continuing on the training platform of my sponsors to learn the “how and the what”  of the business setup to get the same results they are getting.

I fell like finally I am on the right path! I am excited everyday and when I am not doing it, I can’t wait to get back on it.

I know who I was and who I want to become.

Dream big set goals and go for it guys!