Hello every aspiring entrepreneurs, adventure cravers and dreamers!

What you are going to find out from my blog is the step by step journey or who I was and who I became, and who I would like to become.

In the ‘My Story’ section, you will find all the up to date story of where my journey has really started, after finishing high school, what what a fun, scary, twisted and sometimes painful part of life it was, teaching me all sort of lessons and shaping who I am today.

In the BLOG section you will find shorter and recent stories from my current part of the journey towards FREEDOM.

In the FORMULA you will find my blueprint for achieving freedom, and a step by step guidance, where I share my secrets and shortcuts, which may help you on your path and help to avoid some costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses.

In the RESOURCES you can find all sort of materials, tips, books, events, which I have fund useful and necessary to grow your mindset and your necessary knowledge.

You are very welcome to find me on social media and follow my live videos and posts from the journey. If you like a regular updates, leave me your details and I will update you on a regular basis.

Any questions you may have, leave in the comments and I will try to help to my best abilities and share my knowledge with you.