Life is only as good as your mindset.

The brain is like a muscle, it gets stronger,

when you embrace the challenges.


Create healthy habits not restrictions.

It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change


The secret to wealth is simple, find a way to do more for others, than anyone else does.

Become more valuable, Do more, Give more, Be more.     Serve more.

And you will have the opportunity to earn more.

Think WHY – WHAT – HOW



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With passion for travel, fine dining, sailing and luxury resorts, I love referring other to the places I enjoy, the activities or the food that I try. Once growing my followers to over +100k, who enjoy my content, I can now offer shoutouts or posts about the places I would be invited to for a stay, food or activity.



I’m Maggie Jurajda

Founder of INCREES, which I have started in 2013, for the purpose of providing value for everyone that feel they don’t fit in anywhere, but they have big dreams and believe there is more to life than being stuck in a job they don’t enjoy, and are ready to learn to achieve goals and create lifestyle they desire. With me you will learn how to increase your mindset, knowledge and skills to create the life you always wanted, so as I did.

I left Poland when I was 19, after having car accident, speaking no english I move to little island Jersey in UK to pay  for the damaged car, and lived there for 4.5 years. I got a little taste of different life opportunities and started to travel around Europe and lived in Australia for 3 months. In 2007 I have moved to Wales where i have studied 2 architectural degrees for 6 years, while always having few jobs on a side. After graduation in 2013 and while already working for global engineering company, I realised that typical corporation job is not for me so I started learning how to launch and run a business. 

I have been attending many business workshops, personal development events, and joined a few Multi Level Marketing businesses and started my first “brick & mortar” property services business, which has started to drain me and developed anxiety, so in 2017 I have decided to switch to online business. From various experiences, I have learned, that there is no bad business model, because if you are passionate about something, you are able to make it work.

I started with researching and trying some “FREE” trials, and eventually decided to take a leap of faith and got myself mentors and invested in proper training. As any business had its ups and down, so did I. I spent a lot of money on products and various online training first, and got quiet frustrated when they didn’t work as I though they will, one got closed down, some didn’t have good customer services and so on and so forth. 

The more I researched, tried and “failed”, the more I have learned and understood what should I do, and how to help others avoid costly mistakes, and being trapped in system which are just getting you more payments for you, without providing legit training and knowledge.

I became online entrepreneur, instagram influencer, instagram manager and online business coach,

So I decided to create a place where I will share with you what I have learned about starting and running a business, what to watch out for in the online world so you can avoid costly mistakes and make the right informative decision about what kind of online business is good for you and what training you will need.


– My mission is to help and inspire others to create the good life they deserve and desire –

By giving you access and guidance to the very same programmes that I have learned from, which were created by me mentor who is 6-figure earner, you will learn how to work with universal laws that will bring you income, sales, and business that will allow you to live the life you always wanted and help others to do the same.